Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Agusan River

The main water artery, the Agusan River, cuts across the length of the Agusan Valley traversing from the south to the north direction touching lands which connects the twin provinces of Agusan del Norte and Agusan del Sur.

Butuan River is the widest, deepest and longest navigable river in Mindanao, and the 3rd largest river in the Philippines. A cruise along the river barangays reveals much about Butuan's history, culture, arts, and people.

As a tribute to the Patroness of the Agusan River Senora Sta. Ana, the Abayan Festival- a day-long celebration of baroto races and fluvial procession at the Agusan River held every last Sunday of July. Part of tourism activity, the city government of Butuan holds Balik Butuan River Cruise during the Balangay (pronounced as ba-lang-hāy) Festival in May of every year.

While most rivers are drying up, this famous river, - “sawgan” in Butuanon dialect - of Agusan Valley has the highest overflow of water. Through the ages this serves the civilization that ones dotted in banks and the recent communities of this riverine highway. Great civilization of man here always situated on great valleys and along the rivers that gave them life.

“Agusan” is derived from the visayan word “agus” which means “where the water of life flows.”


  1. hello ate Joy, regarding the Mayor's report to the city address last time, he mentioned of Robinson's Mall project in Butuan...do you have any idea when the mall consruction would likely start?


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  3. Great post, very interesting. I love the meaning behind the name "where the water flows".