Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Interesting Sites in Butuan You'd Love to Explore: Mount Mayapay

“You’ll know Butuan can’t be far away when you see the majestic Mayapay at a distance”

According to historians, Mt. Mayapay got its name from the ancient Madjapahit Empire which bears much meaning and influence on Butuan’s pre-historic and archeological discoveries which supports its claims as the first kingdom in archipelago.

It has an elevation of 675 meters or 2,214 ft. above sea level, it provides a good camping ground for people who need fresh air and is awed by the majestic view of Butuan.

Mount Mayapay is the highest peak along the Butuan City-Buenavista Mountain and is located West of South from the Butuan City proper.

However, in 1751 the mountain was called in the ‘Mapa de Caraga’ as MONTE de MINAS but geographically it does not belong to the territory of Butuan but to the town of Buenavista, Agusan del Norte.

Its predominant feature is the plateau formation at the peak overlooking Butuan City and nearby municipalities along Butuan Bay. There are three barangays and a sitio found along the foot of the mountain namely: Nongnong, Bonbon and Dumalagan, Butuan City and Sitio Tapnigue, Sangay in Buenavista, Agusan del Norte.

Mount Mayapay can be reached through 4 alternative routes:
1. From Butuan City to Barangay Nongnong with about 21 kilometers to the base of the mountain. From the base to the top will take about 1 hour more or less through trekking.
2. From Butuan City proper to Sitio Matin-ao, Bonbon is about 12 kilometers then about 4 hours of trekking to the top of the mountain.
3. From Butuan City to Barangay Dumalagan is about 20 kilometers and another 8 kilometers through access road to the top of the mountain.
4. Butuan City via sitio Tapnigue, Sangay, Buenavista, Agusan del Norte id about 20 kilometers or about 25 minutes ride then hiking of about 3 hours to the top of the mountain.

Existing Developmental Activities Implemented within Mt. Mayapay
 Reforestation/rehabilitation on degraded watershed area – 58.35 hectares
 Agro-forestry – 29.0 hectares
 Nursery establishment
 Vegetative measures – 9 hectares
 Trail road


  1. asa man nga parte sa butuan ang waterfalls sa pic. thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice!do u know kinsa pwde ma guide if mg.start s sangay?